The Embarrassment Just Keeps on Coming with The Jenner Girls

5/22/2014 10:20 AM PDT, by

If you don't die from all the awkwardness in this brand new video of Kendall and Kylie Jenner dancing in a mirror to the new Nicki Minaj song ... well, then you'll probably die from laughing too hard. That's how ridiculous this video is.

It's neat, too, because there are two different kinds of ridiculousness, which is just so special when you have such a specific video. You get Kendall's ridiculousness, which is actually pretty endearing, because you can tell she's just goofing off and having fun. You get to laugh with her, because she's very obviously laughing at herself. But you also get Kylie's ridiculousness, which has just a dash of that goofing off thing, but it's also kind of hard to watch because you can tell that she's actually trying to be sexy at the same time. See how hard she watches herself while Kendall just goes for it? See how her dance moves are more subtle while Kendall is basically seizing? She really wants to look just so effortlessly cool, guys. Ridiculous.

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