But Did Justin Bieber Almost Ruin Kim Kardashian's Wedding?!

5/25/2014 7:00 AM PDT, by
Hey, are you sick of hearing all about Kim Kardashian and her very special, very fancy wedding yet? Of course not, right? We haven't even seen a clear picture of exactly what Kim's dressed looked like yet, nor have we received a detailed account of every single time Kanye West stroked his own ego. There's so much more to learn about this magical event, and now that we know that Justin Bieber was somewhat involved, well, this thing is never going to be over. Not ever.

See, while Justin wasn't actually at the wedding -- of course he wasn't, because if he was, obviously he would have been the person to sing the song for the first dance, not silly ol' John Legend -- but a whole lot of people thought he was. A whole lot of people who happen to be quite young, female, and utterly obsessed with The Biebz. Approximately 250 of them. They all took a quote that Justin gave in an interview a few weeks back saying that he was going to be in Italy soon to mean that he was going to be in Italy for the wedding, and they all gathered around the wedding site, hoping to see their man. Just think about that for a minute. Think about trying to get ready for your wedding with hundreds of random teenage girls hanging out by your venue, screaming and crying for Justin Bieber. If that's not the scariest nightmare you've ever heard, then man, you must have some stories to tell.

Really though, Justin probably owes Kim an apology for his crazed Beliebers. Hopefully in the form of performing at North West's first birthday party. Hopefully in a clown costume. Hopefully with lots of cameras.

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