It's All Boobs and Lips 'Til Courtney Stodden Goes and Assaults Somebody

5/29/2014 4:30 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Courtney Stodden
went out on what she thought was gonna be a super classy date last night, complete with all the boobs and lips and hair and drama you can possibly pack into one tiny firecracker of a person, but things went totally -- and hilariously and upsettingly -- awry when she went and bitch slapped her date, Michael "Angry Ginger" Kittrell (of "Hollywood Hillbillies" fame) for ... well, one of most insane reasons possible. 

Our very best cameramen caught the extraordinarily uncomfortable melee just for you, and if it doesn't force you to view Courtney Stodden in an entirely different light, then maybe you just need to keep hitting the ol' replay button 'til it sears itself into the very cerebrospinal fluid in your dome. This girl is vicious, and the dude isn't much better. 

One thing is positively clear: it's a promise you're not going to see footage like this for ... well, 'til the very next time Courtney heads out on a date with a dude who's just not old enough to be her grandpappy. (Some of them just don't have that kind of fortitude and feistiness, don't you know.)

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