Can We Officially Be Worried About Khloe Kardashian Now?

5/29/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by
All right, can we just have some real talk for a minute and acknowledge that Khloe Kardashian has been acting real weird for a good while now? Her face looks different, and we can't say why that is, if it's new makeup, something more drastic, or just that dumb Kim Kardashian face she's been making in photos lately, but it's definitely new. There was that birthday message for Scott Disick, you know, those mug shots, which, sorry, but that was just in bad taste. And then there are all those annoying, cryptic messages she's been posting to Instagram for the past forever. Here's the latest one of those:

OK, at this point, it's like this: get over it or don't. One has to assume that this could be about Lamar Odom, or some other relationship in Khloe's life that went wrong, but regardless, it's time to either move on, to start being happy and start letting things go, or it's time to write a tell-all and mope around in sadness and obnoxiousness forever. Those are the options. No more of this awful middle ground, no more little messages about making decisions. It's time to actually make a decision.

Love you, Khloe, but come on. Come. On.
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