LeAnn Rimes is Pure Reality TV Trash

5/29/2014 12:15 PM PDT, by

Ever since you heard that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were going to have their very own reality show, you probably knew that they would be discussing Brandi Glanville -- after all, this is LeAnn Rimes we're talking about, and goodness knows that woman can't go a minute without being catty and weird. But you had absolutely no way of knowing just how bad it would get. Because it gets really, really bad.

In this new clip of "LeAnn and Eddie," which, fun fact, was apparently pulled from basically everywhere on the internet after a mighty big backlash, you get to see the couple riding to the premiere of Eddie's movie, "The Best Man Holiday." This was right after some big tabloid rumors came out about a possible divorce, and it's  just completely awful. LeAnn tries really, really hard to get Eddie to discuss the matter publicly, even though he wisely thinks it'd be smarter to just let it go. She acts like a passive aggressive little snot, shockingly making Eddie seem like the good guy (for a little bit, anyway). It's actually really interesting, because you get to see LeAnn's reasoning for discussing every little thing like she does. You get to see the ridiculousness in real time!

Oh, and also, they both bring up Brandi's name and make fun of her. Directly. A lot. Because why bother being mature or thinking of the children when instead, you could just be horrible?!

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