Guess Who's Being Immature And Awful on Twitter Again!

6/1/2014 7:00 AM PDT, by
LeAnn Rimes
, man, it's like she's addicted to starting drama/continuing drama/just drama in general, huh? It's also like she is totally blind to her own actions and the way the things she says and does affect other people. How can one person be so utterly unaware as she is? How?!

We don't have an answer for that today, friends, but we do have a new example of it. What happened was that LeAnn was tweeting all this stuff about her stepsons -- the children of her current handsome-douche hybrid husband, Eddie Cibrian, and his former wife, the lovely Brandi Glanville, obviously -- and a fan stated in a totally nice and respectful way that perhaps she would be more likable if she stopped talking about the kids so much. It didn't go well: Guys ... how does she not get this? How could she possibly not understand that she's in a very sensitive situation and that yes, the hate would dwindle a bit -- just a bit, mind you -- if she just stopped talking about the kids so much? Even not responding to tweets would be better than this messy response right here. And isn't it so funny, too, how she's trying to call out other people for being childish? Guess she's not too big on things like definitions or self awareness, huh?
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