We Need to Talk About How Adorable Amanda Seyfried Is RIGHT THIS INSTANT

6/2/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by
Oh, no big deal here, friends, no big deal at all, it's just that Amanda Seyfried is the cutest person that ever existed, and she shared this, the cutest photo of the cutest person that ever existed, nearly causing the universe to explode from excess preciousness. It's nothing, really. Except it's everything.

Amanda posted this old, amazing photo of herself on Instagram for her boyfriend, the almost equally adorable Justin Long. Do you feel that weird feeling in your chest, that strange sort of warmth that might be heartburn if it didn't feel so nice? That's pure, unadulterated love. Enjoy it, because it doesn't come along that often.

Seriously though, how incredible is this photo? 
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