Kylie Jenner Pulls A Kylie Jenner, And How Annoying Is That?

6/2/2014 2:30 AM PDT, by

Guys, look, I know it feels like we're beating a dead horse here -- "another video of Kylie Jenner doing something inappropriate, how utterly wild and so totally unexpected!" -- but trust me, this is something different. Because this time, yes, it is another video of Kylie Jenner doing something inappropriate, but also, this time it's the most awkward video that ever happened. After all, nothing says awkward like a 16-year-old girl squatting in the street and editing it into a mini music video, and this video is literally nothing but that.

Maybe someday Kylie will mature a little bit and realize that she does not need to do this kind of thing to get attention/feel good/be happy. But today is very, very obviously not that day. And now we may take a moment to weep of embarrassment for her. Bless this mess.

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