Aww, Looks Like It Really Is OK That Solange Attacked Beyonce's Husband!

6/4/2014 3:25 AM PDT, by
Hey, how weird is it when your sister goes off and beats up your husband in an elevator at a fancy party? Like, so weird, right? But, judging by this new photo of Beyonce and Solange Knowles at a charity event last night, it's totally water under the bridge now. All those official statements and pointed Instagram posts weren't lies, guys. This is real life. And apparently in this life, physical violence is kind of acceptable.

Sure, Beyonce and Solange are sisters, and they have a very deep, very important bond, but wouldn't you think things would be at least a little awkward after that elevator fight? They can run their family however they want to run it, of course, but seriously, things are fine now? It was that quick?

It's good that everyone's moved on from this, but just remember, when it comes to things like elevator fights and uncontrollable sister rage, it's best to forgive, but to never, ever forget. Because Solange got straight up scary in that video, and you've got to be on guard for a while after that.

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