Quotables: You Oughta Know There's a Special Place in Hell for Liars

6/5/2014 4:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"I never think about it. I think it’s just really funny that’s it’s become this urban legend, so many years after the fact. ...I dated Alanis in 1992. You know, it’s just funny to be the supposed subject of that song. First of all, the guy in that song is a real a-hole, so I don’t want to be that guy. Secondly, I asked Alanis, 'I’m getting calls by the media and they want to know who this guy is'. And she said, 'Well, you know it could be a bunch of people. But you can say whatever you want.'. So one time, I was doing a red carpet somewhere and [the press] just wore me down and everybody wanted to know so I said, 'Yeah, all right, I’m the guy. There I said it'. So then it became a snowball effect of, 'OH! So you are the guy!' It’s just become this silly urban legend that I just have to laugh at."

--Dave Coulier (or Uncle Joey from "Full House" ... or Alanis Morissette's ex-boyfriend) on the song Alanis allegedly penned about him, "You Oughta Know," and isn't that a kick in the head that the song might not have actually been about him? Whoa. It's almost as mind-blowing as the idea of Alanis dating Uncle Joey to begin with, and then finding out that her best, most angry song was allegedly about him. 

Is anything in this world real anymore? 

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