Feast Your Eyes on a Hot, Non-Violent Photo of Emma Roberts in This Bikini

6/5/2014 8:10 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Here's a refreshing photo of Julia Roberts' niece, Emma Roberts, chilling on the beach with her betrothed, Evan Peters (not pictured), and it's refreshing for a few reasons: one, duh, she's at the beach. What's more refreshing than chilling at the beach in such close proximity to the water? Also, they're in Hawaii, and even the very thought of Hawaii is pretty darn refreshing, if we're being honest. 

The main reason it's pretty refreshing, though, is that Emma and her man haven't been picked up for domestic violence in awhile, and basically ever since they got engaged, things have remained pretty quiet. Emma looks happy, well-rested, super hot (clearly), and maybe even a little bit more mature than she was last year when she and her boyfriend came to blows over God knows what while in Canada. 

Here's hoping that time does heal all wounds.  

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