Love It or Leave It: Not So Fast, Demi Lovato

6/6/2014 11:05 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Yesterday we apparently lied: Demi Lovato evidently can do wrong, and this outfit up here is all sorts of it. Sorry for the miscommunication, folks, nothing to see here (except for a lot of bad clothing and accessory decisions).

The dark lip is much too much, and while the basic black dress does fine on its own, it kind of gets lost in all of the accessorizing. Those necklaces would be OK if there were just 1 instead of 15, and the ankle strap platforms do girl's gorgeous legs no justice at all. 

Verdict: Sad to say, but leave it. This just isn't Demi's best look, and even though we're smarting from being caught up in yesterday's lie, we know that girl can do much, much better than this and can't wait to see it happen. ... SOON. 

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