Brace Yourself, For LeAnn Rimes is Speaking (And of Children, Too)

6/6/2014 2:20 PM PDT, by
Friends, we all know that LeAnn Rimes' reality show is going to be a great big mess in which she and Eddie Cibrian prove how catty and annoying they are while trying to convince us how hilarious and charming they are. Please don't fool yourself into thinking it won't be that, because ... because come on now. At least try to be real with yourself. 

But one thing we didn't know is how much of the show is apparently going to be about babies. Babies that Eddie puts in LeAnn's tummy, y'all, and the struggle they have with that. Because judging by this little quote that LeAnn gave to Entertainment Tonight, that's going to be a pretty prevalent issue:

"It's [having kids] something that we've talked about for a long time. My mom had trouble having me when I was a baby. It took her 12 years to have me, so it's always been kind of a concern of mine. So you kind of go through that journey with me ... There's definitely some intense stuff."

No, look, if LeAnn wants to have children and she's struggling with conceiving, then obviously that's sad, and we feel for her. But if she's just talking about having a baby -- it's hard to tell, she sounds really vague here -- then could the world even handle that? If LeAnn has surgery for a hangnail, then how could she survive a pregnancy? Guys, she would tweet approximately a billion times a day about it, you know she would. Just think of all the new passive aggressive weirdness that she could serve up to Brandi Glanville after Eddie impregnated her, too. Sure, there's a possibility that a kid would mellow her out, but there's also the possibility that complete madness would ensue.

It's just such a wacky world out there, friends, and LeAnn Rimes makes it a million times wackier. What's it going to be like if that gets multiplied? 
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