Miley Cyrus Latest Leaked Song is a Hot, Auto-Tuned Mess

6/7/2014 3:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

This is an alleged leak of one of Miley Cyrus' new songs, "Last Goodbye," which was initially rumored to be about one of her deceased animals, but when you hear the lyrics ("Layin in the dark with you against me, I can't even open my eyes/ Cuz the pain has outweighed the pleasure/ Don't think I can take another night/ How has my best friend become such a stranger/ It seemed like everything was fine/ We've already been through this twice/ And I'm never coming home for a last goodbye") you're automatically going to think of Liam Hemsworth, because duh, heartbreak, sex, and "The Last Song." 

The song itself is pretty blasé, primarily because we're pretty over speculating why Liam and Miley are done (see basically all of her behavior for the last 12 months and you'll get the reference), but also because it's likely the best song that she's put out recently -- including everything else on "Bangerz" -- and that isn't saying much. 

You got one thing right, Miles -- the pain really has outweighed the pleasure lately. Sorry, girl.

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