Quotables: Tim McGraw Cries Over Faith Hill, Owns Your Whole Entire Heart

6/11/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
"The chances that we've gotten to tour together, sing together, I mean, how many people get to do that in their lives? You'd better have your s--- together when you sing, because she is going to flat bring it every time she opens her mouth. It's so effortless. She walks out, it's likeAretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Brigitte Bardot all rolled into one when she starts singing. It amazes me every night, every chance that I get to sing with her ... I think about the fact that we're married and the fact that we raised these three beautiful daughters. And then I think about having three daughters and having [Hill] for their mom. It's a pretty cool thing for those girls to have her."

--Tim McGraw discusses the love, respect, and all other good feelings he has for his lovely wife, Faith Hill. And, by the way, that last part there was where he started crying.

Guys, you might not think of Tim's name when you think of the best dudes ever, but if you don't, well, you're thinking wrong. He's been married to Faith for almost 18 years, and he teared up in an interview because he was thinking about how great she was. And if that level of sweetness doesn't get your motor running, then you might want to get your motor checked out.
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