Told You Marriage Works So Hard for Kim Kardashian

6/12/2014 3:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
This is Kim Kardashian's second honeymoon (not, like, her second wedding anniversary, because she and Kanye have only been married weeks or whatever, and even though she's been married before, none of them count, and too many numbers anyway, so let's just call it her "extended honeymoon in a different locale" to avoid confusion), and oh. my. goodness does she look amazing. 

It's apparent that all of her pre-wedding gym visits have paid off in the most (physically) beneficial way yet, and gosh -- there likely isn't a person in this whole entire world, no matter how they personally feel about Kim to begin with, who can say that she looks anything less than completely banging in these pics.

Marriage -- it does wonders for Kim and her likability, and quite obviously, her bod. Dang.

Kim K
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