Quotables: Lily Tomlin is Still at the Top of Her Feminist Game

6/12/2014 7:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

"[Beyonce] is a pretty popular woman and she's married to a very powerful man, but she's still selling sex. She's selling a lot of sex to teeny-boppers. I don't know. ... I like her! I don't dislike her! But I don't pay any attention to that because -- I mean, she's fantastically beautiful and dances, but, you know, it's very suggestive. If I was a 10-year-old, I would try to emulate her like most 10-year-olds do.

For me, young girls are too sexually available! ... So, I shouldn't even talk about Beyonce because, hard as it is to believe and as much as she is present in the culture, I'm not terribly conversant with Beyonce.

The culture is so sexualized with girls and women. I was in a recording studio and a little girl who was about 4 years old was watching TV, and somebody's dancing on the TV in very elaborate sexually overt dance steps and the little girl goes, 'Oh, she's hot'. I'm thinking, this is a 4-year-old!"

--The ever-talented and always truthful Lily Tomlin on Beyonce, one of our semi-least favorite folks to discuss around there here parts, and she's so right. She's basically saying everything that we've been saying for months, now, if not longer: Beyonce's not breaking any musical ground, and she's not putting up fronts that people can't see through, because we have eyes and we're smarter than that. 

What Beyonce -- and others like Miley Cyrus -- is doing is helping to create another generation of children who are going to grow up to be like what Paris Hilton was like during her very worst years, and friends, that is not "hot."  


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