Quotables: Maybe Kaley Cuoco Has A Cute Marriage After All (Maybe)

6/13/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
"We can't wait [to have a baby]. I mean, it won't be anytime soon, but we both want to be parents so bad. We can't wait, so hopefully it will happen. [I was] 
born to be a wife, born to be a mom. I can't wait. I love my husband. I'm so happy to be married, I'm really really happy."

--Kaley Cuoco talks babies and marriage, and who would have even thought it, but it makes us kind of ecstatic for her.

Yeah, yeah, all those issues with her sketchy husband, Ryan Sweeting, those are real, but with precious little gems like these, how could you stay mad? How are you going to read those darling words with a frown on your face? Because whether we like him or not, Kaley seems to really love this Ryan dude, and if we love her, we might just have to make some sacrifices, like reading douchey tweets and worrying about shadiness. But when you think about how absolutely adorable Kaley the mom would be, doesn't it make it all worth it? Kind of? Maybe?

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