Love It or Leave It: I Don't Even Know What's Happening Here, Guys

6/16/2014 8:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Here's Lindsay Lohan's latest pubic pubic public mess, and it happened in New York City this past weekend. The shoes are pretty great, but the rest of basically everything is just not. Three words, friends: hottest of messes. 

Sigh. We had such high hopes for Lindsay after this, the 8,000th chance she took to resurrect her career and public image, but Lindsay's high hopes just didn't align with our own, apparently. 

Verdict: Leave it, because no. Just, no. Whoever thinks it's OK to go out in public and dig their underwear or Spanx or whatever out of the crevices of their crotch when they very well know that flashbulbs are gonna be going off rapid-fire just doesn't have it all together. And suffice it to say, we're not all that surprised that it's Lindsay, either. 

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