Selena Gomez Is Just Starting to Get Creepy Now

6/16/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by

Get your sighs and eye rolling muscles prepared, friends, because you're going to use them a whole lot when you watch this little video Selena Gomez posted to Instagram. There's also a chance that you're going to be absolutely terrified, because it's just that unsettling. "But wait," you might be thinking to yourself, "it's just a short little Instagram video, how would I possibly have time to feel all those emotions?" And to that, I say "just watch it, friends. Just watch it and weep (from terror)."

She says this is a poem, and that's sweet, I guess, but it's just the way she recites it, and her little laugh at the end ... it's too much. Selena has gotten too worrisome, this video is too unnerving, and it's all just entirely too much. The world can't take this much subtle scariness from one little pop star.

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