Tila Tequila Went Topless, and We Just Couldn't Be Prouder

6/16/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by
Well, won't you just look at that darling little photo of Tila Tequila and her precious little baby bump! Or, OK, it's not so little -- any sort of baby bump on Tila Tequila is bound to be super noticeable, due to her own tininess -- but still, look! Isn't that just the cutest thing?! It's basically that famous Demi Moore shot, just in selfie form. Because let's face it, Tila Tequila is nothing if not resourceful.

Here's the lovely little message she shared on her Facebook with the photo:

A pregnant woman's body is a beautiful thing! You should never be ashamed of such a blessing! I'm just here working in my office on my new website, and my jean shorts busted open since I'm now growing at a rapid rate! Lol! I have everything chronicled at http://tilatequila.com/ with many more exciting things to come! Stay tuned! #Artistic #Pregnancy #BreastMilk #Beautiful #Miracles #Life 

So yes, that means she's bringing her website back, hopefully with less sympathetic comments about Hitler this time around. Aren't you just so incredibly proud of this girl? Because you have zero reasons not to be.

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