Katy Perry Just Gets Better and Better All the Time

6/17/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
Katy Perry
, everyone ... she's just a treasure, she truly is. There's all the hotness, of course, and her incredibly ability to make all those super fun songs. There's the sweetness and the funniness, and now, wouldn't you know it, she's also doing a whole mess of charity work! She's doing this thing called "Make Roar Happen," a project that will help teachers and students have more materials that they need and more opportunities for education. And if that doesn't sound just so sweet, then go ahead and read some of these things she said in an interview about it!

On being an inspiration:

"I'm an American girl that had a dream, executed a dream, came from nothing — and that really is the American dream. I'm happy to be that example and hopefully inspire other people to do that."

On being a role model:

"I'm aware that people look up to me, but I hope it's more an inspirational thing and not like, 'Katy Perry makes these decisions for herself, so therefore I'll make decisions based on those Katy Perry makes,' because that's not how anyone should live their life. But I hope they're inspired by my hard work, my ambition, and my integrity."

On how she's enjoying her current tour:

"I am relishing being very present. I'm relishing living one day at a time."

Now how unbelievably great is that? And how unbelievably great is Katy? So much greatness, guys. Just so, so much. 
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