LeAnn Rimes Will Never Let You Forget She Stole Her Husband, OK?

6/17/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by
Guys, guys, come quick, because LeAnn Rimes posted a bunch of new photos of her husband, Eddie Cibrian! Did you remember that she has a husband? Because she does. His name is Eddie Cibrian, and you can tell they are in love because of how much LeAnn tweets about him.

There's the one photo up there, the one where it looks like Eddie's about to crush LeAnn's head with his bicep, and aww, romance! And then there's a more normal selfie, you know, a subtle one so that you can see that they're silly but also for sure, 100% totally in love:

And just in case you were doubting their love -- you fools! -- here is a picture of Eddie's birthday cake. Note how it actually has a little edible LeAnn right on there. You know why? Because THEY'RE IN LOVE:

LeAnn also made approximately 20 tweets over the past two days about Eddie's birthday, how great he is at being a dad, how awesome his cake was, and how much they love each other. Here are a couple so you can see: All right, so that should leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, right? LeAnn has proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is, in fact, in a completely wonderful marriage that deserves nothing but admiration and respect and retweets. Got it? 

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