Hey, So Good Thing Miley Hasn't Forgotten Her Sister's Only 14, Right?

6/17/2014 3:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Because honestly, Miley Cyrus -- or whoever was in charge of creative for this shoot, or this photo, or whatever -- had the good sense to keep the 14-year-old girl actually dressed, and if you don't think that's progress for the Cyrus clan, then you haven't been paying much attention, and here's a newsflash: it is, and you should. 

In the photo, you see Miley sporting her customary coochie-cutting bodysuits with the sides slashed off, because armpits all the way down to your pelvis is just so, so fashionable (read: you know, not), and those God-awful shoes that should've been left in the discount bin at Hot Topic at the tail-end of 1997.

But speaking of tail-ends, Noah Cyrus -- though also wearing skin-tight Lycra or whatever -- is covered basically from head to toe ... which is how it should be, but when you throw Miley into the mix, you throw all "should bes" out the window while you're hanging out head out of it and retching.

Looking good, Noah! Miley ... you know the drill.  

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