Demi Lovato is a Total Stunner, Every Single Time

6/18/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by
Demi Lovato
Feast your hungry eyes upon these, the loveliest of selfies that Demi Lovato saw fit to share with us lowly humans, and weep. Weep for the amazing beauty, weep for the wonderful soul. Weep because dang, guys, is this girl just outstanding or what?

Demi is one of those very, very special people who can do so very many things incredibly well. She's smart and thoughtful, she's very talented, she's sweet and personable. She dedicates her time to helping other people. And then, on a more shallow level, she's painfully adorable and super super hot at the same time. With makeup, or without makeup, as you see here. She's got it all. She is a goddess among us, and we are all better for having her here.

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