Quotables: Kate Gosselin Thinks We're All as Dumb as Kate Gosselin

6/20/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by
"Hear me very clearly. 
If there was another way to singly support eight children, you would not know this name and I would be on an island, and so would they. You would never hear from us again."

--Kate Gosselin tries to tell the world that if it weren't for the money, she would never do reality television ever again. Yeah, OK.

Does she honestly expect that anyone would ever believe that? She can use her very serious, very creepy tone all the wants ("hear me very clearly," please), but everybody knows better. For someone who's suddenly claiming that she'd rather not be famous, she sure has done a whole, whole lot of work to undermine that. And sure, providing for eight children is surely super hard, but people have taken care of that many kids and more long before reality television was a thing. It would be way better if Kate just said what she meant: she's tired of being so thoroughly disliked and she'd just rather not play anymore. 
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