Tila Tequila Just Got REAL Personal

6/20/2014 3:00 PM PDT, by
Tila Tequila
, who had a pretty awful period there for a while, has been sweet and pregnant and adorable for the past couple months, and that's just wonderful, it really is. It's been so nice to be able to root for her, because ideally, we want to root for everyone. But then Tila made this post on her Facebook. And guys, it's getting kind of weird in here.

"Dear Diary,

I woke up in the middle of the night, and looked at the clock. It was only 3:30am, and as I lay there in my bed I started getting these hot flashes again about him. Just the thought of him makes my heartbeat faster as I felt the blood rushing all over my body. Yearning for his touch, his kiss, his everything inside of me. Deep within my soul. If he only knew how I felt. If he only knew what naughty thoughts I have of him. How I start breathing heavily when he is on my mind every night. I yearn for him to lay me down, and let me kiss him passionately. I want to grab his hair as we kiss so deeply to the point of getting lost into one another. I want to let him hear my soft, and sweet voice as I breathe softly in his ear at first… then heavier as our bodies call out for one another, but still… it is too soon for that. I must hold off a bit as to not ruin this moment. This moment both he, and I have been waiting for, for so long. I know he feels the same about me. I know he thinks of me the way I think of him. Still, it is not yet the right time to let him know, but I know he knows……"

It would be one thing if this was a little work of fiction, but Tila really didn't describe it that way. She called this "a little snippet preview of the many, many different, and diverse topics" that she's going to be writing about on her new site, and she also called this "'Tila Tequila: Up Close & Personal' - A side to me so intimate that I have yet to share with anyone... until now." So is this just her recounting something that happened or what? It's all very confusing, and honestly, she should probably just stick to the super cute pregnancy stuff for a little bit. It's best for us all that way.

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