Lady Gaga's Ego Just Reached The Most Ridiculous Heights

6/21/2014 4:30 AM PDT, by
I think we all know how very, very seriously Lady Gaga takes herself as an artist (hint: SO INCREDIBLY SERIOUSLY), but this latest thing she did, it's just off the charts, guys. If you look at all the charts of humongous celebrity egos and incorrect thoughts and ridiculousness to the point of offensiveness, this is off every single one of those charts. It's that intense.

Because what Lady Gaga did is she shared this photo on Instagram of a book of Vincent van Gogh postcards -- you know, Van Gogh, extremely well known actual artist whose work has more than stood the test of time and who will definitely be remembered and appreciated for many, many years to come -- and she put this thoughtful little caption with it:

Did U Know Van Gogh only sold one painting before he died and it was $40. Now his paintings sell for 40 million. Something to think about.

Now, to be fair, that sounds like a totally innocent statement. Those of us who aren't so into Gaga, well, we might find it a little fishy, and we might even be inspired to give her a "don't go there, girl," but really, it's fine. Except one of Gaga's fans responded to her message, and Gaga retweeted it, and oh hell no: Can you even believe this is happening in real life? And you know that's exactly the reaction that Lady Gaga wanted when you put all the pieces to this dumb puzzle together. She wanted someone to make the connection between her and Van Gogh, and if that is not the most bizarre thing you've ever heard, well, then hang on, because she's just going to get worse from here on out.
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