The World Needs More Bindis and Less Mileys

6/23/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
We haven't made it too big a secret that Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Steven Irwin, is our teenage society heroine, but our girl just took it one step further and made us love her even harder, if that's at all possible. 

In a recent interview, Bindi slammed her contemporaries -- nicely, of course; no nastiness or backhanded compliments here, thank you very much -- and claimed that young girls essentially need to cover up (yes -- yes, they do): 

"I'm a big advocate for young girls dressing their age. I mean, for me, I look around at a lot of young girls and they're always trying to dress older. Whether it's wearing revealing clothes or hardly wearing any clothes at all, I feel really bad for them. It kind of has the opposite effect in some ways ... it kind of does the opposite where you look younger and like you're trying too hard. ... A lot of times I want to grab these girls and say ‘Look ... in 10 years you’ll regret this. Just dress like who you are. Don’t try so hard. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt is just as gorgeous and even makes you look classier’." 

Bearing in mind that this is coming from a 15-year-old girl, how sage is this advice? Totally sage. Totally appropriate, and totally important and necessary information for young girls growing up in today's society to have. With Miley Cyrus as a sister, poor 14-year-old Noah Cyrus really doesn't stand a chance
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