Quotables: The Miley Gospel is a Whole Bunch of Hypocrisy

6/23/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"She's a natural entertainer. Sometimes I'll be like, 'Oh my god, she's totally stealing my shine!' If she's in the room, all the attention is on Noah. ... She's kind of like a natural at it. So I feel like, if she wanted to [be a star] I wouldn't stop her. But she's really into sports. She really loves horses, so I'm going to keep her on that and that kind of innocence as long as I can. It takes someone really strong and someone who doesn't care what people think [to survive this industry]." 

--Miley Cyrus on her 14-year-old sister, Noah Cyrus, and while she's right, she's also a big, ridiculous hypocrite ... but that doesn't surprise us, because Miley's an out-of-touch 21-year-old who thinks certain creed behaviors only apply to those she's not responsible to in a familial way.

See, it's nice that Miley wants to help preserve her younger sister's innocence, but when she's giving interviews saying that young women -- and by "young," we mean "pre-pubescent" -- should be more sensual and sexual, (or as she put it, "risqué"), it doesn't do her a whole lot of favors in the credibility department.

In essence, Miley wants our children to be more risqué -- translation: referring to sex in a rude or slightly shocking way; verging on impropriety or indecency -- but when it comes to those she has a personal relationship with, it's a different story. 

Way to be consistent, Miley -- consistently ridiculous, that is.

Go back to "Hannah Montana," Miley --  the life and moral lessons segments might be a good refresher course in humanity for you. 

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