Just When You Thought Farrah Abraham Couldn't Get Any Scarier ...

6/24/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by
What a weird, wacky world we live in, friends, because in this world, Farrah Abraham, reality/porn star and basically the most ridiculous girl in the world, feels comfortable giving the rest of us advice. Yes, the girl who couldn't even give her own self the advice of "if you're going to release two porns, maybe don't get so upset when people call them porns" is telling us how we should live. But it gets even weirder, if you can believe it, because the advice she gave? It's actually pretty decent.

Here's the inspirational little caption she gave that photo up there:

Every day you wake up. You look in a mirror. It may be cracked. It may be dirty. It might not even be there. People seem to miss whats right in front of them and not see the big picture. You are blessed, very blessed. Everything you have. Everything you see. Thank god for it. Thank god your not starving. Thank god you have a family. Thank god you have clothes. Thank god for even breathing. What ever it is, be thankful for it because your lucky to have it. Just a friendly reminder from yours truly, - Farrah

Well, that's sweet, isn't it? It's always good to be reminded to be thankful, but man, is it strange to be given that reminder by Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom or what?

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