What Is Even WRONG With Madonna?!

6/24/2014 10:00 AM PDT, by
Hey, can we go ahead and be past the point of being surprised by whatever idiotic nonsense Madonna pulls from now on and agree to just move right ahead to the annoyed/outraged phase? Because that would save so much time, and we're going to need all that extra time to discuss this awful photo that Madonna just shared of herself.

See, in case you didn't know by now, this particular piece of clothing has a great big history behind it, and it holds a lot of issues for a whole lot of people. Many people see it as oppressive, but regardless, it's an important religious garment that belongs to a religion that Madonna is not involved with. She's going to offend a lot of people with this, and for what reason?

Its that kind of day! #unapologeticb----

Oh, Madonna, how cool are you? You're totally unapologetic, you don't even care about anything. You probably don't even care that Lady Gaga did this exact same mess before you. How very hip you are! Go ahead and make fashions out of just whatever, you unapologetic b----, you!

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