Miley Cyrus Just Can't Stop (Being Weirdly Gross About Her Little Sister)

6/24/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
Miley Cyrus
' whole entire life now is all about being weird and shocking, so it really shouldn't be any surprise that she's saying such weird things about her little sister, 14-year-old Noah Cyrus. "But what weird things?" you might be wondering, "she actually said something kind of sweet about her the other day." And you're right, she did say that she wanted to keep Noah's innocence around as long as she could, and that was very nice. But you know what else she said?

Miley called Noah her "p---- police." She was asked in an interview how she dealt with all those racy leotards she wears in her shows, how she keeps her pubic region in check, and she explained that she wears tights, and that little Noah "makes sure that, you know, everything is staying intact." She is Miley's p---- police. For real.

Guys, do you even realize how sad that is? Instead of being a normal 14-year-old, enjoying summer break and going to the beach and sleeping in and hanging out with her friends and, you know, being a child, Noah is traveling the world with the very important job of making sure Miley doesn't flash her genitals. Just consider all that for a minute. Consider it, and then watch yourself, because your heart will probably break into a million pieces.

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