Selena Gomez Needs to Get Over Herself Already

6/24/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by
Is anyone else getting sick of Selena Gomez and her badly behaving, Justin Bieber loving nonsense? Because it's getting pretty darn old. She's just trying so hard to fool us all, and we're not into it: you can't go to rehab, date someone who gets in trouble as much as Justin does, and get the cops called on your parties and still act like everything's cool and good and sweet. And you can't post cute little bikini selfies where you call yourself "brave" without getting a good, hearty eye roll.

That's what she did, guys, she captioned that photo with "soy valiente," which means "I'm brave." And sorry, but what exactly makes her brave? Was it this photo in particular, was she brave for posting this cute picture? Is she brave for dating one of the douchiest douchebags in recent memory? Is she brave for being rowdy enough to require police intervention? As far as we know, Selena hasn't done anything lately that could be considered brave, and if there is something, then maybe she should bring that information to light. It seems like she could really use the positive attention right now.

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