And This is Why You Don't Divorce an Actor Three Times Your Age Without Having Something to Fall Back On

6/25/2014 8:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Since breaking off her marriage to 50-whatever year-old Doug Hutchison, Courtney Stodden has seriously been struggling to stay relevant, whether it's posing naked with corpses, assaulting her date on camera, or this, the most juvenile thing of all, driving around while shrilling "Hi!" to people at random in the streets. 

See, if Courtney were a few years younger, and more invested in her teenage years, this kind of behavior would be OK. And if Courtney were a few years older -- say, the legal drinking age -- this might also probably be OK, if not just a little obnoxious.  

The thing is, though, that Courtney Stodden is already/only 19 years old and the poor thing just doesn't even know where she belongs, which is too bad. 

See what happens when you try to grow up a whole hell of a lot faster than you should? This. And if this video, no matter how seemingly harmless is appears, is PSA enough to be a kid as long as you can be a kid.  
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