If We're Believing Books, Kate Gosselin Really Might Be a Monster After All

6/25/2014 11:40 AM PDT, by
You probably never thought that it was even possible to think less of Kate Gosselin than you already do, but surprise! There's a whole, whole bunch of information in this brand new book, an unauthorized biography called "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World," that claims that Kate is way, way more awful than we've ever given her credit for. 

The book, which was written by a reporter for "Us," states that Kate wanted to have babies just so that she could become famous. She allegedly followed the story of another woman who gave birth to multiple babies and saw that she was given lots of gifts and attention, so she wanted to hop on that train. Her ultimate goal, according to the book, was to be "the working mom's Martha Stewart." After she got pregnant with the sextuplets, she contacted television networks until someone gave her a show. But wait, because it's about to get a million times worse.

Kate allegedly wasn't even on the whole thing to be a mother, she just wanted the fame and the money, so she got other people to do chores and take care of the children and, of course, to give her money. She apparently asked everyone for money, from her family to her church to total strangers, and at one point she was receiving over $750 in gift cards a day. But now it's going to get even worse ...

This book also claims that while Kate wasn't really into parenting, she was definitely into punishing. Kate was allegedly very quick to give out spankings, and she would throw toys away or destroy them when angry. The author says that Kate insisted that the kids loved their spankings, which I probably don't have to tell you sounds like total terrifying nonsense. The author also says that he had access to Kate's journal, and in one entry Kate wrote that she spanked one of her sons "as hard as I could and thought I may seriously injure him," and she went on to pray for help to stop. There are also stories in which Kate scolded one of the kids by nearly putting his face in dog feces, and another where she put a child outside in the cold without a coat because he didn't manage to shut a door all the way.

Look, if even just a tiny little bit of this book is true, then it's probably one of the most horrible things we've ever heard about a celebrity. So can this be enough to ship her off to some remote island so that we never have to hear about her awfulness again? Please?
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