This is the Post in Which We Do Not Mock the Duggars

6/26/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Here it is, the moment Jill Duggar and her now-husband were waiting for basically ever since they discovered this thing called "mutual attraction" and "hormones," Jill Duggar's wedding! Doesn't she look beautiful and pure and untouched? 

See, the thing is, we admire Jill and her man. They courted and dated and wedding-planned all of this, and if you want to go on their word, without any kind of sexual -- or even "friendly" -- behavior aside from maybe some hand-holding. It's sweet, and religious connotations aside, one might begin to wonder what society at large would be like if all relationships were like this. Would there be less divorce? Less promiscuity? Less drama, heartbreak, and STDs? Less ... well, less things to talk about on celebrity gossip blogs? Likely 'yes' on all those things, but unfortunately, we can't imagine what a world would be like where the majority of its occupants were abstinent 'til marriage, and it actually is kind of sad when you get down to it. 

Sexlessness before commitment -- novel concept, huh?  

Congratulations, Duggars -- you guys did it (in every way possible, heh heh).
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