Whatever You Do, Don't Look Directly at This Picture

6/30/2014 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
No, but please, please don't: if you look directly at this photo -- specifically at the point in which Courtney Love's lips meet the lips of Amber Rose -- you might go blind. No joke. And what good would this website be to you if you were blind? And when you realized that this website would likely be of no use to use without sight, you'd leave. And then we'd be sad, because we love you and treasure the bond and rapport that we've developed over the last year that Fishwrapper's been a thing. 

Amber Rose posted this photo on her IG account last night, captioning it "Soooooo me and @courtneylove made out tonight. Epic!" But no -- not epic, because nobody wants to see Courtney Love kiss anybody like that, let alone Amber Rose, who we normally love and identify with. 

... You wouldn't go blind and leave us, would you? Because if you did, then we'd have nobody to blame but ourselves. And Courtney Love and Amber Rose, too. Them for sure.  
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