Janice Dickinson Has Zero Shame (and All the Boobs)

6/30/2014 9:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
But as you know, based on Tori Spelling's weird lifestyle, the whole "no shame" thing often makes for "good" reality TV, and Janice Dickinson's 30-year-old breast implants + reality television will probably make for some must-see TV. WHY OH GOD WHY. 

Janice claimed that the breasts -- which are as old as me, minus one year -- were beginning to ripple and sag, and since Sylvester Stallone bought her last pair over three decades ago (why? Why?), it was apparently high time to get the girls done all over again. 

Here's the before and after photo, in case you missed the show, "Botched": 

Somebody sure does good work, but dang. Dang, Janice Dickinson.
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