There's Still No Way She's as Bad as Miley Cyrus, Y'All

7/3/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
You're probably wondering why Demi Lovato can get away with being crude and "perverted" and full of basically nothing but thoughts of sex while Miley Cyrus just can't, and here's the answer: that's life. Demi is infinitely more likable than Miley, she's a hell of a lot more grounded, and she doesn't stick her ladyparts in your face as if you were just begging for it. 

In a recent interview, Demi allegedly admitted to being super sexual, but apparently she's got the couth not to stick it (or her bits) in the faces of all who cross her path: 

"I have a really foul mouth. I say anything and everything that's on my mind. I can be really vulgar. My sense of humor is really, really vulgar. It's worse than 10 guys put together in a room. There's a sausage-fest going on in my brain of inappropriate humor!" 

It's OK, girl -- as long as you're not sticking the sausage in places where it doesn't belong, or walk around with your tongue lolling out of your salivating mouth like all you can even think about is sausage, you're good. Plus, we really, really like you. You're cute and you get a pass, the end. 

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