Robin Thicke Blames His Crumbling Marriage on His Balls

7/8/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
Robin Thicke
is still continuing on his creeper tour across the universe, showing no signs of ever, ever slowing down. It's scary, isn't it? And sad. Very sad. Oh, and creepy, that too. But Robin took it upon himself, bless his sketchy little heart, to explain a little more about what happened to make Paula Patton leave him, and how she's taking that thing where he wrote a whole album about her. Let's check out that weirdness, shall we?

Here's what Robin said when he was asked if Paula knew about the album:

"Well, I kind of surprised her. She was filming a movie in Vancouver and she came back to L.A. for a couple of days, and so I played her a few songs." 

He was asked how she liked the songs, but all Robin would say was "that's personal." And when the interviewer pointed out that he was the one who released the album in the first place, he said this:

"Right. Right. You have to. Hey, I've opened this door. Where I'm at right now is, I just want to, you know, be a good dad, be a good friend to her and support my family."

But what does he see when he looks in the mirror?

"I saw a guy who needed to be humbled a little bit. Because I think you strive for so long for an accomplishment like what happened last year, and then you get it, and then you don't know how to juggle it, you know? And all of a sudden the balls are all over the floor."

And tragically, Robin said that he didn't realize the issue with his balls until it was "too late."

So Robin is saying that what happened was he got too big for his britches after "Blurred Lines" became a huge hit, right? What a shame. But good for Paula, ultimately, because if Robin had that weirdness inside of him all along, then it was bound to come out sometime. If it wasn't in a Beetlejuice costume on stage with Miley Cyrus, it just would have been another time. And Robin really, really knows this:

"She didn't leave for no reason, you know?"

We know, Robin. We really know.
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