Seriously, How Much More Can a Person Take?

7/11/2014 11:15 AM PDT, by
So it really does look like Ryan Gosling is going to be a dad, which is totally adorable, probably one of the cutest things the world could ever come up with. But, tragically, the mother of that child would not be Rachel McAdams, his one true soulmate, but Eva Mendes, she of the super hot but super weird persuasion. Can we work with that? Is there any way at all that we could get behind that? It's too soon to tell, but we do know that Ryan and Eva are both extremely pumped about the whole situation.

According to a source close to them, "they literally could not be more excited," and Ryan "adores kids" and he "can't wait to be a dad." That part is cute, right? Let's take a moment to imagine Ryan cradling a little baby, or handing out cigars to his friends with that sweet smile on his face, wearing a "New Dad" t-shirt. That's a wonderful image.

Speaking of wonderful, here's the opposite of that, which is why Ryan loves Eva:

"She's very friendly and approachable. She's also very independent and Ryan is too. He loves that Eva isn't prissy. She's like a dude. She's outgoing and makes everyone feel great."

Well, it looks like we better saddle up, friends. This thing is really happening, and we have no choice but to go along for the ride. The ride, of course, is called "IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN RACHEL." Go ahead and hop on.
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