Let Kim Basinger Blow Your Mind With Her Timeless Hotness!

7/12/2014 10:00 AM PDT, by

This right here, if you can even believe your eyes, is Kim Basinger on the cover of Flaunt magazine. Notice how extremely gorgeous she is, how lovely and intriguing and just great. OK, now also remember that Kim Basinger is 60 years old. And lastly, remember to clean up after yourself now, because surely your brain just exploded.

It's not that 60-year-old women can't be beautiful, obviously, it's just that Kim doesn't look her age at all. Not even a little bit. She doesn't even look 50, does she? Is she some kind of mystical sorceress capable of eternal youth? Or does she have like a super great skin care regimen? I don't know, guys, and I don't know that it really matters. Because she looks SO GOOD.

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