Nicole Richie Has a Fashion Empire, and Paris Hilton Has This

7/14/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Don't be misled, though -- we're not saying that Nicole Richie's fashion empire is as good as Paris Hilton's bikini body, because it's like comparing apples and ripe, juicy, round, well-tended oranges. We're simply observing that Nicole Richie is most famous right now for all that fash, and Paris is most famous for ... well, let's just say her beach body, because it might just be an insult to say that she's most famous for her new song, "Come Alive." ... Wait, no -- yeah, it'd most definitely be a major insult (to intelligence and actual music everywhere) to say something that obscene. 

On that note, looking forever awesome, Paris. Get it, girl.

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