Love It or Leave It: At Least LeAnn Rimes Looks Good

7/17/2014 3:00 PM PDT, by
Today's the day, friends, and the end is nigh: LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are going to show the entire nation their train wreck of a reality show, and we will all be submitted to the horrors it contains. And, as such, LeAnn and Eddie have been doing a lot of promotion for the occasion. For instance, they're on today's episode of Wendy Williams' show, and do you want to here something so surprising? LeAnn Rimes actually looked SO GREAT for the appearance!

I know, I know, when someone is so terribly obnoxious, it makes it hard to pay her any kind of compliment sometimes, but let's just face the facts here, and the main fact is that LeAnn Rimes looks pretty hot. It's a simple look: a simple, sexy black dress, simple hair, simple makeup. But simple can work so very well, and it really does right here. Right here, LeAnn is kind of gorgeous.

Verdict: love it! Leave the show, leave all the dumb stuff you know she's going to say in this interview, but love the look. Let's just be real about it.

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