It's Time for Our Daily Dose of "Oh God Please Give Madonna Attention!"

7/17/2014 11:15 AM PDT, by
Look, everyone, it's Madonna being all naked on a chair looking for attention! Don't you just love it?! It's similar to everything else that Madonna has ever done, does now, and will ever do in that it's for attention. Cute, right? No -- not at all.

Here's the caption she put with the photo; it's sassy or whatever nonsense she goes for these days:

Getting ready for summer fun! #itshotinhere #unapologeticb----

Man, she's really going hard on that "unapologetic b----" title, isn't she? Like, we get it, Madonna, you're kind of piteous and you don't care. Cool. Oh, and speaking of common themes in Madonna's Instagram, she can really stop with all the gratuitous nudity any time now. Not because she doesn't look great, because obviously she does, and not because she doesn't have the right, because obviously she's got that going for her, too. It's just that it's getting so old, and so annoying, and it's getting really awkward to watch her try so hard.

Just make some good music and leave the theatrics to those who don't know any better, Madge, because we think you do. 

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