Quotables: Eddie Cibrian Just Told The Biggest Fib of All Time

7/19/2014 9:30 AM PDT, by
“Well, my wife doesn’t engage. I mean if you want to look back, really dig down and be a journalist, look at the timelines and you will see that there is a big discrepancy and there really is no going back and forth, my wife sometimes… I mean you eventually you have to say something, enough is enough, but the truth is she has always taken the high road.”

--Eddie Cibrian honestly tries to tell the world that LeAnn Rimes "has always taken the high road," obviously doesn't understand anything about reality or words or anything.

But really, there are a few explanations for this completely idiotic statement. Let's consider those, OK? LeAnn could have paid Eddie to make her look good. Brandi Glanville could have paid him to look stupid. He could have been hit on the head by a giant boulder or something, causing this extreme amount of confusion. He could, for some reason, be making an attempt to be sweet to LeAnn, maybe because he loves her or something, I don't know. Or he really could just not understand what any of these words mean. There's no way at all that he could believe he was telling the truth, because if he's aware enough to know the tabloid rumors going around about him, then he's probably aware enough to be able to see what his own wife is like. So it has to be one of those options above, right? Let's hope he at least got paid for this.

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