Seriously? Shut UP About Lady Gaga's "Weight Gain"

7/21/2014 5:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Want to hear something that's gonna piss you off pretty thoroughly? Of course you do, it's apparently human nature to want to be perpetually pissed and nitpicky, right? So here's the thing: after seeing some photos (above) from one of Lady Gaga's most recent shows, some people are saying that she's "fat" and "nasty," and why would they ever even want to go and see one of her shows while she's looking like this, because gross.

Cue rage (you, I mean; I've already been steaming over this one for a bit this morning, so I'm starting the come-down process, and this is why I'm talking to you about it right now).

There are a variety of websites where the commenters have actually gone as far as to say things like this (be warned; it's pretty bad):

Not 'curvaceous', just blobby, and still barking mad.

I'm surprised anyone comes to her shows- who would want to be subjected to/watch an overweight unattractive performer....yuck.


Gut and butt........not attractive!

she is 35 years old. typical body for her age. [Editor's Note: Lady Gaga is not 35, she's 28; and what the blue hell does age have anything to do with this anyway?]


There you have it, folks. It's not so much of a wonder that our world and its many turmoils is and are the way they are, because something as simple as the comments over this "OUTRAGEOUS" photo tell an honest -- and horrifying -- story about humanity, and unfortunately, it doesn't sound like this tale ends too well. 

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