Justin Bieber Really Needs to Quit Rubbing Off on Selena Gomez

7/22/2014 8:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Selena Gomez is trekking all over the world these days, being bullied by the worst of Instagram, being in-again and out-again of Justin Bieber's creepy, high-mileage bed, and now she's partying on boats with Cara Delevingne, a notorious ... well, partier. 

After exiting the boat, Selena is approached by a photographer who tries to get her attention by saying, "Selena, Selena" repeatedly, and because she's "tough," or because she's "brave," or maybe just because she's been hanging out with the wrong crowd for a little too long, the normally-benign Selena reaches out, shoves him, and gestures what looks to be one of the hand signs -- not the middle finger, but the brushing of the hand under the shelf of the chin -- that infers "f--k you."

The bottom line is that Selena should know better than to get physical with anybody, because what does that solve? Also, it's not as if the dude was all up in her face and her personal space -- it's clear from the video that it appears she went out of her way to touch, shove, or push him out of her "way." Good thing you're all about peace these days, girl, for shame. 

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