Lady Gaga is Just as Wrong as Everybody Else

7/22/2014 11:15 AM PDT, by
Yes, this is more about that awful nonsense where some people think Lady Gaga is fat now, and yes, it's probably going to make you feel weird and angry. Them's the breaks, huh? But this time, instead of that ridiculousness coming from randoms on the internet, it's coming from Lady Gaga herself. Because goodness knows that what this mess needs is some encouragement.

That picture right up there, that's something that Lady Gaga posted on Instagram. And do you know what she captioned it? Do you?!

Curvy and Proud

Guys ... no. Absolutely not. We cannot stand for this. Because while it is great that Lady Gaga feels good about her body, she is in no way curvy or fat or any of those things. There's not anything wrong with being curvy or fat, but Lady Gaga is most definitely not either of those things, and she does not need to feed into any conversations that say anything to the contrary. The millions upon millions of young people, and all the people, really, that follow Lady Gaga don't need that skewed view of body image.

Basically, we get that you wanted some attention for these new comments, Lady Gaga, but this is not even close to the way to go about it. Try again, please. And next time, consider making sense.

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